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Vehicle Battery Testing


One of the most essential components of any vehicle is the battery. If you don’t have a high-quality battery and the proper electrical system to support it, you aren’t going to get your car on the road. That’s the long and short of it. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your battery is working correctly. 

The good thing is that at Kwik Kar Richardson, we offer a number of different services related to your vehicle’s battery. We are happy to do replacements (Bosch), testing, and even recycle batteries for you. In addition, we can do inspections of your electrical system if something beyond the battery turns out to be the problem.

Vehicle Battery Testing

With a vehicle battery testing, we can simply do a quick diagnostic at our shop. It takes no more than a few minutes to do so. Once that’s complete, we can give you information on how well your battery is doing, if it needs replacement, and what might cause it to fail in the future. All of that can be done in next to no time and give you peace of mind if you’re worried something is going wrong.

Electrical System & Battery Check

The battery in your vehicle and the electrical system work together, and neither can do its job without the other. The electrical system keeps your engine going and the battery properly charged, while the battery kicks the engine into gear and keeps the electronics running. 

An electrical system check will make sure that the charging system and the battery are supporting each other as expected. A complete system check of this kind has a few different steps involved, which we’ll explain:

  • Battery Check – This is done to ensure the voltage output is where it should be. The reason this is important is because a dead or weak battery can actually cause significant damage to the electrical system of a vehicle, including components like the alternator and starter.
  • Alternator Check – This test will check whether the alternator is generating the right voltage and current to keep the battery charged, which in turn will keep the electrical system working as you would expect.
  • Starter Check – This is done to determine if the starter is pulling the right current from the battery, as well as whether the battery is capable of handling the starter’s electrical load

Vehicle Battery Charging

Another service that is associated with car batteries is a charging service. This involves having a technician at an auto shop, such as Kwik Kar, testing the battery with load testing diagnostic tools and battery charging equipment. This will let you know if the battery is up to the specifications that the manufacturer sets for it. If it turns out that it isn’t, it’s simple to replace the battery. A technician will typically do so and then also recycle the old battery for your convenience.

A car battery installation also involves a few different steps, which we’ll go over below:

  • A technician will begin by inspecting the components related to the battery. This includes the tray, ends, bolts, and cables. This is to make sure that all are in good condition and no further repairs of replacements are required.
  • The technician will make sure that power to the vehicle’s engine control unit, electronics, and computers is maintained throughout the installation, so you don’t have to worry about setting your clock again and things of that nature.
  • An open circuit voltage check will be undertaken to make sure this is at the proper level before being installed. If this is not the case, the battery will be charged before it is installed.
  • The technician will remove the old battery and recycle it in an environmentally responsible way.

Understanding Battery Types

There are two basic types of vehicle batteries, which are VRLA and wet batteries. Each has its own specifications. 

With a wet cell battery, you’re talking about a lead acid battery that is made specifically for use in a car. They are rechargeable and may require some amount of maintenance over time. This largely depends on whether they are modern or traditional. These come in SLI batteries and deep cycle batteries.

VRLA batteries are a sealed battery that offers easy storage. They are the safest type of vehicle battery. They also come in two types, gel cell batteries and absorbed glass mat batteries.

Understanding the many differences between these batteries isn’t required, as any professional automobile technician can help you determine exactly what type of battery will work best in your vehicle. In addition to types, batteries also come in various sizes, depending on whether it will be used in a truck, SUV, or car. 

Warranties and Guarantees

In most cases, batteries will come with a performance guarantee, as well as a limited-time free replacement option. The actual amount of time under the replacement and warranty will depend upon the exact battery. We’ll make sure you understand the specifics behind that before we install a new battery in your vehicle. Our Bosch batteries come with 3 year minimum guarantee to all new batteries and the life expectancy for these batteries is approximately 4 to 5 years.

Routine maintenance is crucial for vehicle longevity and safety. Kwik Kar offers special discounts for military personnel, first responders, and healthcare providers. Additionally, there’s a “Ladies Day” discount available for oil changes.

Kwik Kar of Richardson offers a comprehensive range of auto repair services including alternators, starters, brake repairs, fuel injector repairs, electrical services, oil changes, clutch and transmission services

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