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We provide fuel pump repair & diesel injection services in Richardson, TX & surrounding regions.

A fuel injector is a part of your vehicle that pressurizes and pumps fuel through an aperture to provide a spray of fuel to the engine. The reason this is done is because a mist of fuel is easier to heat up and ignite than a stream of fuel. As such, it allows the fuel to burn more efficiently and evenly than it otherwise would.

However, as time goes on and you drive the vehicle more, the burning fuel can leave deposits that decrease the performance of the injector. This means the mist can turn into something resembling more of a dribble.

Power your engine with fuel injector repair services in Richardson, Garland, Dallas, Plano, Texas and other surrounding regions.

What Symptoms Might Suggest a Clogged Fuel Injector?

There are quite a few things that might mean your fuel injector pump repair or replacement is impending. They include the following:
  • Decrease in gas mileage
  • Worse performance than normal
  • A pre-ignition sound that can be best described as a “ping”
  • A rougher idling than typical
  • More difficult starting
  • Hesitation of the throttle

A faulty petrol or diesel fuel injection pump may cause the check engine light to display. This can be caused by clogs, leaks, or debris and can lead to expensive repairs if not taken care of as soon as possible. Ensuring you have proper maintenance done can avoid many of these problems.

How Do I Know My Fuel Injectors Need Cleaning?

You can’t see the fuel injectors when the engine is running, unfortunately. As it can take a significant amount of time to evaluate fuel injectors, it is often suggested that maintenance is done on a regular basis. Many mechanics will recommend that you have your injectors cleaned once every 36 months or after 45,000 miles.

This will essentially act as a tune-up for your entire fuel system and can lead to massive differences once it’s been done. While there are many parts of the car, and even engine, that can be replaced without a performance improvement, that isn’t the case with the fuel injectors. Having them cleaned after an extended period of use can make your car run much better than before.

What Happens During Mechanical Fuel Injection System Cleaning?

There are several steps associated with a cleaning of the fuel system and any reputable auto shop, such as Kwik Kar in Richardson, will know how to do this correctly. The first thing a technician will do is clean the fuel system in its entirety by adding a fuel system cleaner to the gas tank. This cleaning solution will be used to clean your injectors, intake valves, carburetor, and combustion chambers. The cleaner will also be used to remove any water that might be in the fuel system.

After this is complete, the technician will lubricate the injectors, valves, cylinders, and rings on the vehicle. They will also remove any dirt, debris, or deposits that might be lingering in the throttle plate and throttle body. These pieces will then also be lubricated, to avoid future buildup. Following this, an intake deposit cleaner will be used to remove any deposits in the combustion chambers, intake manifold, valves, and runners. Finally, a small amount of cleaner will be left in the engine to help with softening deposits over time. This also will help avoid build-up in the catalytic converter.

Why Should I Hire a Professional?

When cleaning the fuel injectors, you need to have a grasp on the cleaning products required and know what details to watch for. This is much more complicated than simply changing the oil on your car or putting on a spare tire. The cleaning fluid is run through, and then the technician at Kwik Kar will verify things are working correctly. They do this by checking the engine performance and fuel pressure. There is often also a test drive involved to determine if the engine is firing at the proper rate for the power rating associated with the vehicle. Whether fuel injector repair & replacement, get our ASE certified technicians for a perfect job!

What Happens if Cleaning Doesn’t Get Results?

In some cases, if the desired results are not found, each line can be cleaned by a technician while it is outside of the engine. This will be a longer process as it requires an extended soaking in a detergent to break up any residue that is stuck deep in the chambers. The mechanic will then check the flow rate of the petrol or diesel fuel injection pump to make sure it’s working properly.

In some cases, replacement of lines and other components will be included in the service. The technician at your favorite auto shop will take a look at each element of the fuel system to determine what needs repair or replacement. The technician will then consider the cost of each service that needs to be done. They will fill out a work order with parts and labor, so you understand the process they will be taking.

What Advantages Will I See from Clean Injectors?

There are a few things you will notice with clean and properly working fuel injectors. It can improve the fuel economy of your vehicle, which saves you money. It will also reduce the amount of exhaust pollution originating from your vehicle. Additionally, you can expect better performance from clean injectors.

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