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Every vehicle on the road, from powerful sports cars to minivans to coupes to pickup trucks, needs a quality set of tires. In fact, your vehicle’s tires are the only thing standing between it and the surface of the road. Your tires are responsible for providing a smooth, comfortable ride, for ensuring traction on and off the road, and more.

Of course, tires are subject to wear and tear. The very act of driving erodes the rubber compound they’re made with, reducing tread and traction over time. However, the right maintenance steps can ensure that your tires are able to last longer, maximizing your investment. Then, when it is finally time to invest in a new set for your car, truck or van, you can work with a trusted automotive tire shop in Richardson, Texas to ensure you’re making a smart investment.

What Should You Know about Tire Wear and Tear?

Tires are subject to high temperatures, rough surfaces, dangerous hazards on the road, and more. All of this leads to wear and tear.

  • Tread Wear – In a properly maintained and rotated tire, the tread will wear evenly across the tire.
  • Legal Limit – There is a legal limit to your tread depth, usually 2/32 inch. You should replace your tires when the treat reaches this point.
  • Inflation – Proper tire inflation helps eliminate unnecessary tire wear due to over inflation or under inflation.
  • Rotation – Your tires should be rotated regularly to ensure that tread wear is as even as possible.

What Are the Symptoms of Tire Problems?

Depending on many factors, you could experience a range of tire problems. Some of these include:

  • Edge Wear – Wear on the edge or shoulder of the tire can be due to under inflation, or to a problem with the vehicle’s alignment. Eventually, this will wear through the rubber and expose the underlying steel belts.
  • Feathering and Cupping – Feathering and cupping can be due to a lack of tire rotation, although cupping may also be due to suspension problems.
  • Center Tread Wear – Tread wear primarily in the center of the tire is an indication of over inflation.

When Should I Stop Driving?

You should not drive if your tires are unsafe. This could be if they are at or below the legal tread limit, or it could be if you notice significant edge or center wear. If you are unsure, bring your vehicle for thorough inspection from our ASE certified technicians at your nearest tire shop serving Richardson, Texas and other connected areas.

When Should I Replace My Tires?

You should replace your tires if they become safety hazards, when they reach the legal tread limit, or when they become feathered or cupped, and the ride quality deteriorates.

About Our Tire Services

At Kwik Kar Richardson, we’re proud to work with owners of domestic and import automobiles. We offer a range of tire services, from tire rotation and balancing to tire replacement. Whether you’re concerned about edge wear on your tires, or it is time to invest in a new set for your car, truck or minivan, we invite you to get in touch with us at tire shop in Richardson, Texas today. Our professional technicians can inspect your vehicle, recommend the right tire services for your needs, and have you back on the road quickly.

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